Getting To Know Your Olive Oil

Getting To Know Your Olive Oil


We Grow A Variety of Olive Trees From the Mediterranean in Texas

At Texas Olive Ranch in Carrizo Springs, TX, we cultivate a variety of olive trees originating from our founder's travels across the Mediterranean. Jim Henry, our founder, spent years almost 20 years studying olive tree farms in the Mediterranean, in countries such as Italy, Spain, and Greece. He learned the skillset to cultivate many different varieties of olive trees.  As Jim's knowledge of olive trees and expertise in olive oil production grew, he was able to develop an understanding of which trees would best fit the climate of Texas.

Each Variety Has Its Own Characteristics

Currently, at our South Texas Ranch, we're growing Arbequina, Koroneiki, Picual and Arbosana varieties. Each variety we grow has its own character and special complexity. Olives are incredibly diverse and equally versatile; the sour, salty, bitter yet sweet and pungent flavors are what makes them sophisticated and capable of producing different varieties of extra virgin oil.

Here are the types of olive trees we grow for olive oil production:

The Arbequina Variety

The Arbequina is considered one of the most popular types of olives. This variety is often seen growing in Spain. Arbequina olive trees have a high ability to adapt to different environmental conditions, making the the Arbequina a great fit for the warm climate of Texas.

The Arbequina comes along with several unique characteristics. Out of its features, the fascinating aroma holds a prominent place. The aroma offers a hint of ripe balance, along with a fruity taste. The olive oil produced is slightly peppery and creamy. It comes along with a sweet taste and a fresh and pungent finish. It is perfect for making vinaigrettes because of its pleasant fruity aroma, but also very versatile as it works with so many pairings.

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The Koroneiki Variety

People who live in Greece think of Koroneiki as the queen of olive. The plant is associated with a rich history, and it has been cultivated for more than 3,000 years. This plant has been responsible for the constant supply of olive oil from the Mediterranean region. The Koroneiki is associated with a green color and it is highly praised for the aromatic properties.

The Koroneiki olive is smaller in size and requires additional labor, but it produces amazing high quality olive oil with unique taste and composition. With its bold flavors, people tend to enjoy its natural state as a finishing touch, in addition to cooking with it. This variety has a fruity aroma and a deep peppery taste. Koroneiki olive oil offer numerous health benefit as it has high concentrations of polyphenols and oleic acid.

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The Picual Variety

The Picual has definite characteristics and nuances that set it apart from other varieties. It has incredible strength and body due to the pungent and acerbic elements that soften and sweeten over time. This variety is jam-packed with natural antioxidants.  The Picual variety has a lovely natural aroma, it is buttery in taste and has a smooth texture. It works great when replacing butter for olive oil in your recipes.

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The Coratina Variety

Originating from the Apulia (aka Puglia) region in Corato, Italy. The Coratina varietal is considered “the gold of Apulia” and it’s an extremely important part of all Italian olive oil production, accounting for almost 40% of the total.

The Coratina olive is pungent on the nose and complex on the palate, perfect for people who like their olive oil to have a bite. High in phenolic content and antioxidants, it's a favorite among health-focused olive oil connoisseurs. It has green, grassy notes, specifically of green olives, herbs, and almond. Since it has a sharp, savory and long finish, it pairs well as a contrast in sweeter dishes.

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