Our Ranch Has A Home On The Edge Of Texas

Right by the Rio Grande, the Texas sun and family hands work hard to grow our olives.

It all started with Texas-sized ambition.

And it continues with a never-ending dedication to quality. We believe that growing in size to support affordability doesn't mean that quality should ever change. Our practices are committed to the planet as much as our customers, knowing one cannot thrive without the other. Our purpose is people: every one of our products & part of our operations reflects that.

To tend to nature, you must learn to be tender.

While the weather can be harsh, our process is seeped in softness. Sometimes farming means digging deep into the earth, other days it means sitting back to watch, wait and learn with wonder.

Thanks to friendly, fellow farmers that've turned into partners

we've created more than just an orchard, we've cultivated a community. One of the greatest lessons we've learned the past few decades is how to keep good company. Folks like Jerry & Penny Farrell, are invested in their neighbors needs; we're happy to call them not just partners, but dear friends.

And after all this time growing 40,000 trees in Texas, to partnering with fellow family farms around the world, we've learned one very important thing: