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Our story

It all started with a Texas-sized ambition.
And it continues with a never-ending dedication to quality.

After so many said it couldn’t be done, we planted our first trees on the edge of Texas.

Just north of the Southern U.S. border, in Carizzo Springs, Texas, we discovered land that mimicked Southern Spain - dry, rocky soil peppering a sprawling landscape under even bigger skies, land ripe for Arbequina olive trees. Over two decades ago, Jim Henry & Jerry Ferrell dreamed up an idea. And we don't think it's going too shabby.

2009 found the first Arbequina trees blossoming, and once pressed, what we'd like to think is the best dang extra virgin olive oil ever produced here in the United States.

Since the start, our family farm has overflowed.

Our lead founder, Jim Henry, continues to teach his family the tools of the trade he spent decades cultivating; like his son Josh, who has aptly learned how to whisper to the trees just like his father and is now known as “the wrangler” for his uncanny ability to operate the Ranch’s olive press.

And after all this time growing 40,000 trees in Texas, to partnering with fellow family farms around the world, we've learned one very important thing:

Big taste has no boundaries