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Our farm is rooted right by the Rio Grande.

Learning from land soaked in Texas sun, we try our best to grow what's good & true to the terrain.

From our trees to your kitchen counters.

Our products make it easy for you to create great memories.

Take a taste of farm fresh flavor.

Meet our award-winning olive oil, a splash of sunshine and freshly harvested ingredients in every drop.

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Roasted Garlic Infused Olive Oil$15.20 USD$19.00 USD

Dug out from deep in the Texas soil, rich garlic is pressed to offer a brilliant bite in everything it touches. A taste that's smoky like roasted roots extracts the subtle flavo...

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5-Star average
241 reviews

Growing up owning restaurants with my family means a life-time of knowledge about ingredients and farmers. It's the one I suggest to my family & all my clients too. The balsamic is unlike anything I've ever had and am blown away by the clean quality and flavor-filled experience.

M. Rosson

Loyal Customer

I was visiting Texas and came across a small town outside farmers market.. The package was lovely but the aroma is what got me. Great company, fantastic product. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy.

J. Morales

Loyal Customer

I love this oil for a lot of reasons, but the biggest is because my dog loves them! My dog puts down her paw every meal, insisting I add your olive oil to her food.

R. Miller

I recommend Texas Olive Ranch to everyone. It has also become my go-to gift. Everyone that I have given it to loves it. It's very light and pure and pairs excellent when cooking.

K. Owen

"Staple" is an understatement. The bottles should say "can't live without it" or "lick-the-bowl-clean-kind-of-good."

C. Rosson

Texas Olive Oil Ranch has become my go-to olive oil because, first and foremost, I don’t have to worry about it containing filler oils! The taste is delicious though not overly robust for daily use.

E. Almendinger

Love the customer service we received from Texas Olive Ranch...awesome people!

K. Rumsey

Loyal Customer

Texas Olive Ranch is a Texas owned family business that has great tasting olive oil from the basic to the reserve! My personal favorite however is the original red balsamic vinegar. The variety of vinegars have amazing flavor that won’t disappoint!! GREAT gift idea too!! THUMBS UP FOR THIS ONE.

D. Kelley

Loyal Customer