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Our History & How We Harvest

When we planted our trees on the edge Carrizo Springs, we knew
our number one goal was keeping up with the growing demand of the big taste we’d cultivated. 


We’re grateful every day for the bounty that Texas land has given us. That’s why we believe in honoring it and putting what we reap back into the soil. We do everything we can to leave as small a footprint as possible, like feeding our leftover olive mash to our ranch animals who in turn naturally fertilize the orchard. Our values of tradition and integrity have carried us to where we are now – perfectly poised to produce remarkable extra virgin olive oil at a fair price.

And supporting healthy agricultural practices that sustains a world full of hunger for fine flavor

So we flew south, a few thousand miles south, and landed in the ocean-lined land of Argentina, a land we learned to love as much as the Gauchos who have tended these southern farms for centuries. We made our way to the Province of La Rioja, wide plains nestled between the mountain ranges of Velasco and Famatina. Leaning into tradition like our family has for decades, we expanded our trees by thousands more in some of the world’s most southern land, using the oldest practices of agriculture.

We believe in honest products

We make every bottle GMO-free, with absolutely no chemicals or pesticides,
with love & intention that comes from our clean agricultural practices. 

From Our
Family Farms

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