There are plains n' mountains with more to offer than most give them credit for. We are here to cultivate the unexpected.

Giving back to the land of Texas.

We’re grateful every day for what Texas has grown. That’s why we believe in honoring it by putting what we reap back into the soil. We do everything we can to leave as small a footprint as possible, like feeding our leftover olive mash to our ranch animals who in turn naturally fertilize the orchard. Our values of tradition and integrity have carried us to where we are now – perfectly poised to produce remarkable extra virgin olive oil at a fair price.

We don't think you need to pay for honesty.

So we decided to be transperant with just about everything. Our olive oil is 100% GMO-free and grown with only natural methods, with absolutely no chemicals or pesticides. We believe we don’t have to get an Organic Certification to be honest about the love & intention that goes into every bottle.

We learn from fellow farmers and agricultural leaders.

From actively participating in our Southern agricultural communities, offering support to those looking to innovate within their own food systems & collaborating with fellow family farms on collective goods, we commit every part of our operations to education, growth and relationships.

We believe that no matter how small we are or how big we get

our process should always be committed to change.

Being a farmer has always meant working with the environment. With such finicky conditions, we're not only getting creative with our collaborations, we're digging our heels into how we can grow our commitments to the systems that effect our work & your food.