Play With Your Food: Our New Favorite Salad Recipe

Play With Your Food: Our New Favorite Salad Recipe

Think you know your greens real well?

Would you bet on it?

Well get ready to, we're about to play with our food!

Our favorite part of the transition from Winter to Spring, aside from the short spurt of bearable Texas weather, is greens harvest! We've got some family and a few friends that are kind enough to let us swing by and help them harvest, and we just can't believe the things we've learned from those who make greens a regular part of their gardens!

Now this year is something special, as after harvest our friends mentioned they had the best recipe for greens -- so we all pulled up some chairs, chopped some greens...and then someone brought out a blind fold.

You can imagine our surprise.

But then we learned the greatest game: The Green Gamble

This is the most fun we've had eating; in fact, I think this is the most we've ever cheered at a dinner table before.

Some pro tips from the farmers who taught us this game:
- You'll need to chop the greens nice n' fine so people can't tell the types of greens from the shape or texture.
- Make sure you only use a simple olive oil to help greens' natural flavors pop (we prefer Picual or Arbequina for subtle yet savory and celebrating of fellow flavors). 

Favorite combos that were discovered over the latest round we played with close friends: 

Arugula + Dinosaur Kale + Cilantro 
Chard + Mustard Greens + Butter Lettuce
Radish Sprouts + Spinach + Arugula