Limited Reserve Texas Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml




  • First Cold-Press Only From Our Ranch’s Spanish Picual Olives
  • Non-GMO and All Natural Olive Farming
  • Small Batch

Flavor Profile

Buttery, Slightly Sweet, Peppery, Fruity


This extra virgin olive oil’s fresh and fruity aroma make it the ideal olive oil for salad dressings and vinaigrettes. Combine this olive oil with our balsamic vinegar of moderna and a spoonful of stoneground mustard for a rounded, full flavored balsamic vinaigrette. It’s popularity in Spain also lends itself to be a great pairing with seafood like shellfish and calamari, as well as grilled beef and lamb. We understand why Picual olive oil is one of the most popular olive oils available.

About Our Picual Olive Oil Variety

Picual olive oil is one of the most popular olive oils produced and about half of all of the olive oil produced in Spain is of the Picual variety. Picual is known for having a sweet and fresh fruity aroma with an exceptionally silky mouthfeel. When grown and produced incorrectly or without care, this oil can become overly bitter. Here at Texas Olive Ranch, we take pride in the process of producing these special olives and avoid this bitter aftertaste. In addition, it has a very unique ratio of high oleic acid content to low linoleic acid, making Picual an extremely healthy olive oil.

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Customer Reviews

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