Limited Reserve Texas Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml




  • First Cold-Press Only From Our Ranch’s Greek Koroneiki Olives
  • Non-GMO and All Natural Olive Farming
  • Small Batch


Peppery, Fruity, Slightly Bitter, Buttery


Being Greece’s staple olive oil, Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil naturally goes beautifully with foods of the Mediterranean diet such as white fishes, seafood, ground meats, grilled vegetables, and crispy bread. Adding this oil to dips like hummus or bean dip gives a strong peppery and buttery element that no other olive oil can provide. The glowing golden green color of this oil also makes it a very attractive finishing oil on top of any dish. Limited in production because of the yield and no other reason.

About Our Texas Grown Koroneiki Variety

We adore Greece’s most popular golden-green olive oil variety, the Koroneiki, so much that we had to make room for Koroneiki trees on our ranch. Its robust peppery taste combined with its fresh fruity aroma make it an exceptionally unique and flavorful olive oil. Koroneiki olives are high in percentage of oleic acid and polyphenols making this olive oil one of the healthiest oils in the world.

While the Koroneiki variety is harder to cultivate than other varieties, as the olives themselves are much smaller than others, the olives that are produced have some of the highest oil contents of 20% to 30%. This makes the Koroneiki a sought after premium olive oil.

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Customer Reviews

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