Purple-Produce-Run Recipe: Cooking Up Colorful Cravings

Purple-Produce-Run Recipe: Cooking Up Colorful Cravings

Call us crazy, but we love cooking with color. Honestly, it started as a way for us to make it through the produce section after a long day of work. Then it turned into a game when we were stuck trying to decide what tasted good for dinner. And now it's something we can't help ourselves from doing, especially when we come out with 4-course meals like this week!

After picking up some dark purple grapes & an eggplant, we knew where our night was going when we went to Sprouts last weekend. What we grabbed:

  1. Grapes
  2. Eggplant
  3. Plums
  4. Turnips
  5. Peppers
  6. Carrots
  7. Beets

We used one of our favorite cooking combinations, Fig Balsamic and Coratina Reserve, for every course!


Course 1: Eggplant Hummus

We love roasting our eggplants, split in half and stuffed with garlic. Mixing in our Limited Reserve oil helps keep the texture creamy and thick, while our Fig Balsamic drizzled overtop gives every bite a combination of smoky, sweet and tangy.


Course 2: Cabbage & Pepper Salad

We like to keep our salads simple and raw, letting chopped up veggies be the frame for the picturesque taste of our oil and vinegar dressing. Don't forget a pinch of black pepper, salt and paprika.


Course 3: Turnip & Beet Purée with Grilled Carrots

Admittedly we just wanted to make sure to gets that rich purple color somewhere in the finished product, but this dish is as delicious as it is nutritious so really we are doing all of us a favor with this recipe. We grill the carrots with the Fig Balsamic (& for when you're feeling wild, drizzle more on top when you serve the meal).


Course 4: Roasted Grapes & Plums with Cheese & Sage

Have you ever roasted fruit with sage then melted cheese into the dish? Admittedly a tired attempt that turned out terrifically tasty. What does Bob Ross call this? Happy accidents? That was this. Make sure to roast grapes & plums with plenty of oil.