Eat-It-From-The-Pot Tomato Sauce

Eat-It-From-The-Pot Tomato Sauce

Inspired by:

Dimitri's 101 Year Old Grandmother teaching him & his brother how to cook! We even added a twist from our own Grandmother's cookbook. You can learn more about Dimitri & his Grandmother's Italian recipes by clicking here.

This dish goes best with:

Garlic Oil during the Winter months & Lemon or Basil Oil during the Summer months!


Smells & Picking Ingredients

Half a dozen tomatoes - Dimitri’s Grandmother’s recipe inspires us to reach for heart-shaped tomatoes that smell warm, like summer sun, and have a slight give when you press them.

Texture & Taste

In the winter, we like a texture as thick as stew. Our fingers are usually shaking from the cold so we get uneven chunks that give space for smokey flavors from meat, coffee, wine, cloves & bay leaves. We tend to pick thick beefsteak tomatoes that taste as rich as their purple hues.

In the warmer months, we lean towards brighter flavors & finely chopped (or pureed) Roma tomatoes, paired with fennel & zesty additions from fruit like lemons. Al dente pasta is our preferred for every season, offering a dynamic texture with every bite.


Color & Cooking

Pasta should be a warm and subtle yellow, a frame to soak up the color of your seasonal sauce & standing strong enough to shine through. We notice a color change past the point of Al Dente when it comes to penne and spaghetti pastas, so we make sure to take the pot off the stove while the color is still a bit rich.


All Together Now
  • 20 Minutes: Roast your tomatoes in a skillet, in a deep bed of our Arbequina Olive Oil over medium heat.
  • 4 Hours: Move tomatoes & oil into a pot on low heat, slowly mix in your
    additional ingredients.
  • ~8 Minutes (Dependent on Pasta): For Al Dente; boil water in a separate pot, then add pasta (follow the specific pasta’s instructions. For homemade pasta, we recommend 10 minutes.)


Putting A Spin On It

Our family doesn’t use measuring utensils. Instead, a pinch between the fingers or a cupped palm move ingredients from bag to bowl, making every batch a little unique. We also recommend this to avoid excess dishes in the sink & to support any forgiveness needed when the kids distract you or you have to chase after the dog. “Measuring cups don’t leave room for life happening,” my grandmother used to say.