Celebrate Those You Love With Adventure: Our Top Three Spots For Campfire Cooking

Celebrate Those You Love With Adventure: Our Top Three Spots For Campfire Cooking

We like to think of May & June as a time to celebrate the loved ones that have helped you grow! From single parents managing being a little bit of everything for you, to extra large families where aunties, uncles, and loved ones abound, we've found that taking taking the time to celebrate those who've been through it thick n' thin is extra special when you find adventures together.

Now we know this isn't our typical topic. Most of the time, we talk about memorable meals and the darn good food that makes them -- but what about ambiance to make those flavors shine?

We love cooking on the road. Maybe it's the smokey flavor cooked in with campfire smoke, good company enjoying a hard-made meal under a wide-open sky, or maybe it's the accidental ingredient of dirt we can never imagine to completely avoid. Whatever the reason is, something about a campfire cooked feast is always something special. It's why we've shifted all our celebrations to being an adventure.

So for those celebrating someone special this weekend, we've got a few spots for you to have a surefire fun time:

  1. Caddo Lake: Whether you're in Texas or Louisiana, this gem's for you. Enjoy tree-lined sites at the edge of dreamy southern mangroves. This one you'll want to bring the kayak along for a day in the water, along with both steak and fish to fill you back up after a miles of paddling.

  2. Krause Springs: With 32 natural springs scattered over 100 acres, this private campground is perfect for the primitive camper to the RV advocate. A good campfire meal tastes extra delicious after you've swum and hiked your way around hill country. The best part is, this gem is just a short jaunt outside of Austin.

  3. Colorado Bend State Park: Swimming in springs, fishing in a lush river bed, exploring underground caves, hiking up to Texas' tallest waterfall-- what doesn't this park have? Another central Texas gem, Colorado Bend has every type of adventure for everyone in the family to enjoy. Whether you like guided tours or to trek out on your own, everyone will love to make some memories.


Happy adventuring with the ones you love!