Olive Oil For Beauty: Feel Savory & Keep Things Simple

Olive Oil For Beauty: Feel Savory & Keep Things Simple

Olives have been used for thousands of years for beauty regiments. From the depths of Egypt and the Mediterranean to the burgeoning beauty scenes of Japan within the past century, olive oil has made its way around the globe as the base of products designed to make us feel savory. With our commitment to keeping things simple, we like to avoid getting stuck in Target looking for skin care products and instead using what we’re already getting at the Farmer’s Market on the weekends. 

Face Moisturizer (for dry skin types):
We use a dime-sized drop of olive oil on our face, daily. With as much sun as we get, we need it. We discovered this is amazing for dry skin types, or hard-core sun lovers, but tend to suggest those with more oil skin to use this in occasional masks versus every day.

Face Mask/ Hair Mask:
Working out in the sun means more damage done to our bodies. While we’re tough, that doesn’t mean our bodies don’t deserve to enjoy nutrients from more than just what we have for dinner. In the mode of keeping things simple, we tend to make one type of mask for both our hair & face, but there are also days we like to feel fancy or our hair needs different nurturing than our skin. Our two favorite Masks currently are:

Olive Oil & Coffee Mask

Equal Parts:

  • Coffee Grounds (We like our grounds between espresso & filter grind; French press grinds are great for scrubs, though! The cleanest coffee we prefer to use is from Full City Rooster in Dallas.)
  • Olive Oil
  • Honey (Your local bee farmers would love to sell you the most nutrient filled honey from local flora – we highly recommend.)

Olive Oil & Rosemary Mask

  • One sprig of Rosemary (crushed)
  • Equal parts: Olive Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar + Aloe Vera (We like to scrape it right from our plant, but you can buy the innards gel in a bottle at most grocery stores.)

Curl Cream: Some of our team members have super curly hair & have spent years purchasing products that boast olive oil. With so many extra ingredients they couldn’t even pronounce in the labels (with no help or explanation from the brands), they decided to just go straight to the root of the product and started using olive oil as their post wash curling option. They discovered its best for curly hair with great texture and more voluminous strands. (For those with finer hair and curls, they suggest sticking to thinner oils like macadamia.) 

Sun Care: Got a little extra sun than you meant to this past weekend? Living in the South, we understand the damage sun can do. Olives aren’t just full of flavor, they have important antioxidants and polyphenols that help rejuvenate your skin while it heals from intense sun exposure. We prefer to pull some leaves off our aloe vera plants and slather that on & let dry, then we top off with a moisturizing coat of olive oil! Make sure your olive oil has been “first-cold-pressed” to ensure the processing didn’t remove the most healing parts of the plant!