Tours At Texas Olive Ranch

Tours At Texas Olive Ranch

We have so appreciated everyone's enthusiasm for visiting our orchard!

The Ranch is not available for the public to drop in, but we delightfully offer tours during the Spring for everyone to enjoy seeing the trees in full bloom!

Our 2024 is dedicated to regenerative practices: furthering the biodiversity of our orchard through expanding our native landscaping, exploring new weather-management opportunities in collaboration with regenerative agriculture specialists, and continuing our commitment to avoiding all pesticides and gmo-chemicals through our sensitive-land management. With these values leading our operations, we offer a set number of tours each year. 

For those interested in learning more about our operation, Josh "The Wrangler" Henry is happy to hop on the phone with you to share about our mission, the ebbs & flows of our orchard, and our current collaborations with regenerative experts.

Connect with Josh via email here!