How We're Growin': The Wild Ride of 2023 & What We've Learned

How We're Growin': The Wild Ride of 2023 & What We've Learned
As farmers we’re focused on feeding our communities; and while we sit at the edge of a year and dangle our feet over the Rio Grande, we're enjoying the sun rise and a moment to smile about how far we've come and the places we're excited to grow.


You see, we’ve been riding a bucking bronco for a long time — the sun, rain and dirt have grown mighty fickle over the last few years. And 2023 was a heck-of-a-one-- one that made us lean on those who love us, one that had us digging hope out of the ground and planting it in the unknown, one that had us gleaning from the expertise of those whose perspectives span across the world and have cultivated new possibilities in problem-solving, and one that has helped us remember how family, friends, neighbors and tight-knit communities are what help us all thrive. 

Looking back to how our values have honed our intention. When you look all the way back beyond a decade ago, when our goods first began to grow in local farmers’ markets (a place we are proud to be from as they rooted us in our commitment to local communities) we learned about the importance of creating intentional relationships with individuals and growing families. This set the stage for our growth: expanding through our values-- inspired by the relationships we have cultivated with every restaurant, chef, distributor, franchise, mom-and-pop shop, and major grocery retailer, over the last fifteen years.

Our intention begins with our commitment to the families who tend to the farms, continues through harvest, stays true during our bottling, and is kept on with our relationship with you -- the individual who we are so honored to grow, press, carve, and create for. Our intention is to blend quality and convenience for everyone whose goal is to place their health first and believes in the shared, communal success that only comes from growing locally.

Here to sustain our food systems by rejuvenating the land. While weather can be harsh, year-after-year we've learned our process is best when seeped in softness. Sometimes farming means digging deep into the earth, other days it means sitting back to watch, wait and learn with wonder.

Our natural agriculture practices work with the earth, rather than fighting against it. We believe in the importance of taking care of our soil and not draining it with wide-ranging monoculture practices. These values continue throughout our processing, as we only offer first-cold-pressed oil to ensure every part of our products' production is clear of unnecessary preservatives or unhealthy additives. This is one of those values that has never changed, and we believe in sticking to our guns and continuing on with this commitment.

Our exploration in regenerative design this past year, and the seeds planted for the next, has supported our work with international scientists creating new solutions to combat challenges in agriculture. We, like most farmers, are part of a growing collective of agriculturists. We have spent years cultivating our relationships alongside the land we’re growing from, after first banding together to support the ebbs and flows of weather amidst tumultuous times for growing food.
A sunny day at the olive harvest, a man standing on the edge of a sifter scooping olives out of the harvest bin.

Where we're headed, from what we've learned & how we've grown. While these same challenges continue to expand internationally, for farmers across the world, we are working hard to shift this narrative to an opportunity to get creative with a leading challenge of food waste. As prices increase for local farmers to food on the grocery shelves, we helping our communities focus on ways our products can help you conserve, avoid food waste, and get creative with creating meals that celebrate your commitment to healthy food as a basis for a blooming life.

We are here to say that we will never falter on our quality, and are just as committed, if not moreso, to providing you the best ingredients and goods. We are honored to be some of the farmers who you trust to bring you goods grown close to home and made for everyday. 

Happy New Year Y'all! From our family, to yours; from our trees, to your kitchen counters and most memorable meals. We wish you a year of happy & healthy eating -- 
Jim & Josh Henry
Penny & Jerry Farrell
And The Whole Dang Texas Olive Ranch Family

This photo of the farm was created by one of the Texas Olive Ranch's family members, Mat Henry. We have grown better because of this man's heart. And we dedicate 2024 and beyond to living up to his legend, of pouring his love into every movement he made.