From Farm to Field––The Journey of Texas Olive Ranch and Texas Rangers

From Farm to Field––The Journey of Texas Olive Ranch and Texas Rangers

In the heart of Arlington, Texas, where the rich heritage of the Lone Star State intersects with the modern-day spectacle of baseball, a narrative of resilience, evolution, and the enduring pursuit of excellence unfolds. At the crossroads of tradition and innovation, our family of olive farmers and the Texas Rangers baseball team find parallel trajectories, each navigating our journeys toward greatness.

For us, life on the ranch follows the rhythm of the land, presenting challenges and rewards with each passing season. Deeply rooted in Texas's soil, our commitment to quality and sustainability mirrors the ethos of the Texas Rangers, a team whose history is as storied as the vast landscapes surrounding them.

As the All-Star Game, a beacon of excitement and anticipation, descends upon Arlington again (the last time was in ’95), we find ourselves at a crossroads of opportunity and reflection. Years of hard work and dedication have brought us to this moment. Once limited to kitchen shelves, our humble olive oil is ready to take center stage. With eager anticipation, we prepare to showcase our harvest to a world hungry for authenticity and flavor.

But our journey has not been without its challenges. Like the Texas Rangers, who faced adversity both on the field and beyond, our family of farmers has weathered our fair share of Texas-sized storms. In these shared struggles, a bond is forged, uniting us in our resilience and determination as we make our way to this year's All-Star Game.

In the shadow of the Texas Rangers' storied legacy, Texas Olive Ranch draws inspiration from the team's unwavering pursuit of excellence. Much like the Rangers' dedication to their craft, our commitment to quality, sustainability, and all-natural practices form the cornerstone of our success.

From the fields of Carrizo Springs to the fields of Arlington, where tradition harmonizes with innovation, the narrative of the Texas Rangers and Texas Olive Ranch farmers serves as a testament to the enduring power of dreams, determination, and the pursuit of Texas-sized ambition. Our pride and sense of accomplishment radiate, inspiring all who encounter our story.