First Cold Pressed - What Does It Mean?

First Cold Pressed - What Does It Mean?

The Fallacy of "First Cold Pressed"

Many olive oil brands put "first pressed" and/or "cold pressed" on their labels-- but what exactly do those terms mean? Unfortunately, some companies add words like these on their labels as empty buzzwords only for marketing. They can often have little truth or accuracy behind them. Over time, this has caused many consumers to forget what these terms mean or to ignore them altogether.

First and foremost, the International Olive Council states that a bottle of olive oil cannot be "extra virgin" if it is not first cold pressed. On the other hand, a bottle of olive oil that's lower quality can often be labeled "first pressed" or "cold pressed" without it being authentic extra virgin. This is seen when companies try to pass off inferior olive oil by taking advantage of these buzz-terms that aren't regulated. 

Okay, So What Is "First Cold Pressed?"

"First Cold Pressed" simply refers to the process by which the producer extracts the olive oil from the fruit to create olive oil. 

  • "First pressed" - means the olives were crushed and pressed only one time. The olive oil extracted from the first pressing is of the highest quality. 

  • "Cold pressed" - means that the olives never exceed a certain temperature during the entire pressing process-- around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping the olives cool helps keeps antioxidants packed in!

Why do we believe in First Cold Pressed Olive Oil?

Like most of our decisions, it starts with flavor! The flavor is always best with the first press, and that's what you always deserve.

Producers of low-quality olive oils will press their olives multiple times at high heats. This kind of extraction approach yields more oil out of the olives. However, this process also destroys a lot of the nutrition in the olives and creates a lower quality olive oil. While this process is cheaper and offers a greater yield from the olives themselves, we see such a loss in both flavor and texture that we just couldn't bear to share. 

The natural earthiness and richness enlivens the food you put it on in such a way that lower quality olive oils just can't do. Also, olive oil that's first cold pressed maintains the most antioxidants. Unmatched flavor to frame memory-making meals and nutritious value? No wonder we're so obsessed with the first cold pressed method!

At Texas Olive Ranch, We're Lick-The-Bottom-Of-The-Bowl-Clean Kind of Driven

At Texas Olive Ranch, we use absolutely no chemicals or heat during our entire extraction process. When we press our Texas grown olives, we only do it with pride and care. After you've had first cold pressed, it's hard to want anything else. The buttery, warm texture paired with bright and savory flavors are unmatched. 

We aim to make olive oil that's loved in every way. From drizzling it over farm fresh greens for lunch, to dousing popcorn for movie night, our first cold pressed quality will make you want to lick your bowl clean!