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Kicking Trash to the Curb: Trading Single Use for Reusable Bags

To celebrate Earth Month, we’re helping to kick trash to the curb with our search for the best reusable bags! Did you know American families are responsible for an average of 1,500 plastic bags per year?  With plastic bags virtually impossible to recycle - notorious for getting stuck in processing machines at waste management plants - and the fact that we only use them for an average of 12 minutes, we realized that there is no better place to think about our waste than with our favorite activity: grocery shopping!

We checked out over two dozen reusable bags, cross comparing features like:

  • How they carry lots of weight or variety of product
  • Affordability
  • What types of bags are best for what type of purchases

Check out our winners, the best bags that tested tried & true!

Best for produce:

Venie, Recycled Bottle Bags, $11 for a 5 Pack

Food52, $29 for an 8 Pack

Most functional for all grocery products/ usable for cart organization:

Lotus Trolleys, $36 for a 4 Pack

SnapBasket, $32 for a Single Bag (Fits 30 lb)

Best for small runs:

Public Goods, $9 for Large Tote 



Eco Facts Source: Biological Diversity