Made in Texas: Local Artisans Bringing Delicious Food To Your Table

Made in Texas: Local Artisans Bringing Delicious Food To Your Table

The Lone Star State boasts some of the country’s best culture, activities, universities and sports teams. However, what truly makes Texas stand out are the small businesses that bring innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to life. We’ve rounded up some of the most unique and delicious  Texas food producers that are serving up home-grown goodness. 

From fresh cheese to honest ice cream, here are six companies that will make you love Texas just a little bit more than you already do:

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

Your charcuterie board just got a whole lot better. Texas cheese produced from Texan farms, what’s not to love? Antonelli’s prides itself on working only with farms that focus on sustainability, fair and humane treatment of animals and ethically sourced materials. Whether it be goat cheese from Hill Country or mozzarella made in Dallas, you are getting the finest ingredients made with minimal impact on the environment. As if you needed another reason to love cheese.

Beba’s Pfresh Salsa

An undoubtedly classic Texan snack is chips and salsa. Pflugerville-fresh salsa is unparalleled. Beba’s Pfresh Salsa started with a delicious product and a dream (quite like Texas Olive Ranch) and has swept Texas by storm. Free of any additives, preservatives, sugar or flour, Beba’s Salsa is as authentic as it gets using a recipe that been in her family for generations.

Kelley’s Honey Farms

This family-owned and operated business creates all-natural, raw American honey. To make things even sweeter, the bees produce honey from regions like McKinney all the way to Chicota and everywhere in between.

Kelley’s Honey Farms strives to create a safe haven for an endangered species. These species actually give back more to us than we realize so taking sometime to appreciate them is always worthy. Therefore purchasing a bottle of honey isn’t just delicious, it’s philanthropic.

Vital Farms

What started as 50 rescued hens and a small slice of land has grown into a collective of family farms operating with a set of organic agricultural practices that are setting the standard for other farms across the country. Vital Farms brings superiorly produced eggs and butter while creating opportunities for other family-run farms to do the same.

Lick Honest Ice Cream

This seasonally-inspired, locally-sourced artisan ice cream runs on one thing: honesty.  What doesn’t go into the ice cream is just as important as what does. It’s a perfectly wholesome and tasty treat , especially during the hotter months.

With innovative flavors like Dewberry Corn Cobbler and Lemonade Pound Cake you’re guaranteed fresh and exciting flavor served with quality ingredients. We highly recommend you try their Dark Chocolate, Olive Oil and Sea Salt ice cream. One scoop is never enough!

Texas Olive Ranch

A common misconception is that quality olive oil must be sourced from countries like Italy and Spain. Jim Henry continues to dispel this notion with every bottle of Texas Olive Ranch that is sold. Now, some of the world's highest quality olive oils and vinegars are sustainably produced in the heart of  Texas.

Both new and old olive oil aficionados alike are astounded by the buttery and earthy flavors Texas Olive Ranch offers. We recommend starting with a bottle of the classic Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil and an array of balsamic vinegars that will lend itself well to any recipe.