Farmers' Markets

Yes, we offer full refunds for bottles that arrive broken or damaged! Please let us know about the problem within seven days of your delivery & make sure to include a photo for proof.

Any bottles that arrive to you damaged or missing will receive a new shipment of said goods via USPS Priority Mail.

You will not need to return your damaged goods, and we encourage you to recycle any damaged bottles.

We will send you a new package with new bottles to return any damaged or missing items.

While we do our best to cushion every bottle, sometimes rugged terrain makes it tough for delivery drivers to keep everything out of harms way. We've got your back, no matter what happens. 

For items that are missing: if we have not already contacted you about a product being out of stock, any missing bottles will be sent to you within 1-2 business days, of you contacting us, with expedited shipping. 

If you prefer a refund on missing items, please let us know.

Missing items are one of the few mistakes we make, that almost never happen. But for the tiny chance it does, please know we're only human and doing our best. We will of course make every, brisk-paced effort to remedy this.

Sometimes life happens,

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