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Texas Olive Ranch Regional Herb and Spice Blends – 3-Pack Set



Enjoy the Taste of The Best Culinary Regions

Custom-made regional blends of spices and herbs to elevate your next meal. Blends are crafted with premium quality spices and herbs and sourced locally when possible.

Includes a variety of (3) custom herbs and spices blends:

  • Mediterranean Blend – 3 oz spice tin
  • Texas Blend – 3 oz spice tin
  • Italian Blend – 3oz spice tin

Texas Blend

Savory and spicy flavors of the Southwest. Perfect for fajitas, brisket, baby back ribs, huevos rancheros and even salads.

What’s in the blend?
cilantro, cumin, minced onions, garlic and red chile peppers.

Mediterranean Blend

Sweet, savory and spicy range of flavors found in classic Italian cooking. Perfect for chicken, potatoes, pasta dishes, salads, or Tuscan style steaks.

What’s in the blend?
aromatic dill weed, parsley, and minced garlic along with tart lime peel, fresh sea salt, and chiles.

Italian Blend

Tangy, sweet, and savory flavors that are bright and comforting. Perfect for adding a Mediterranean style to any dish such as chicken, fish, vegetables, and salads.

What’s in the blend?
savory basil and parsley flakes are paired with oregano, sweet minced garlic, tomato, sea salt and chile peppers.

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