Limited Reserve Gift Set – Koroneiki, Picual & Coratina



Special edition set includes (3) limited reserve varieties of our Texas ranch grown olive oil:

  • Koroneiki

    Made completely from Koroneiki Greek olive trees grown at our ranch.

    Brilliant aroma and fruity flavor with hints of herbs. Followed by a slight bitterness and a strong peppery finish.

  • PicualMade completely from the Picual  Spanish olive trees grown at our ranch.Taste:
    A robust, full flavored olive oil with a sweet fresh taste.

  • CoratinaOriginating from the Apulia region in Corato, Italy, the Coratina varietal is considered “the gold of Apulia.” Now it’s the gold of Texas! Enjoy our Coratina Italian Limited Reserve that’s 100% grown and pressed in the great state of Texas.Taste:
    Fruity notes of green olives, elegantly herbaceous, medium peppery and medium notes of almond and bitterness. Medium to strong finish.

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Farmer produced Olive Oil. From our Texas Ranch to your table. To make the best Olive Oil there is, we grow, harvest, press, and bottle our own olives.