Sweet Basil Infused Olive Oil – 250ml




  • Our First Cold-Pressed Arbequina
  • Infused with Texas Farmer’s Fresh Sweet Basil
  • Non-GMO


Sweet Herb, Slightly MintyButtery, Peppery, Fruity


Infusing this oil with the staple herb in Italian prepping and cooking naturally makes this oil ideal for pastas, breads, pizzas, cheeses, and vegetables. As a drizzling oil, it brings instant and delicious basil flavor to anything you put it on. Put it on poultry or meats post-grilling, post-broiling, or post-baking for that added herbal zest. A customer favorite and one of our best sellers for good reason.

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Additional Information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 4 × 11 cm

People Love Texas Flavored Olive Oil

Easily add great flavor to any dish! We've infused our classic Arbequina Olive Oil with natural Texas herbs and spices.