Everyday Use Garlic Infused Olive Oil – 250ml



Transport yourself to Italy with every bite. Our Garlic Infused Everyday Use Olive Oil will give your food that traditional Italian flavor you crave – Nonna’s recipe not required. 

  • Our Classic Arbequina Olive Oil
  • Infused with Texas-grown Roasted Garlic
  • Non-GMO and Natural Growing Process
  • Your Cheat Code for Authentic Italian


Roasted, sweet garlic and green olives.


Can you think of a dish that doesn’t start by sauteing garlic in olive oil? Neither can we. That’s because garlic and olive oil are a couple as old as time. Think pizza, focaccia, or even the garlic bread you begged your mom to make as a kid. Now you can get all of that flavor-packed into our Garlic Infused Olive Oil. A light drizzle on a simple Caprese will have you sailing away to Italy. You can use it to make your favorite pasta sauce, vegetable medley, or to roast fish in a pan sauce. Or simply elevate any baked bread by dipping it in this Everyday Use Garlic Olive Oil. Plus, garlic is just as packed with antioxidants as our natural olive oil, so you’re basically practicing self-care.

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With the perfect balance of quality, versatility, and affordability our Everyday Use Olive Oils allow you to cook with great Olive Oil every day of the week.