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EVOO Commonly Asked Questions

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is among the foods that are high in monounsaturated fats. The Harvard School of Public Health notes that “olive oil has been linked to reduced risk of coronary artery disease and cardiovascular disease.

The “Big Eight” Allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, soy, dairy, wheat and eggs), as recognized by the United States, are not present in our main California Olive Ranch production facility. 

The equipment and structural design of the facility minimizes the introduction of hazards and human contact.  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) address potential allergen cross contamination from personnel to ensure that they are educated on this type of hazard and take every precaution to prevent this from occurring.  Other oils bottled at our facility are Avocado and Canola oil (these are refined oils; the refining process does pull out proteins, which takes out any allergenic compounds) and Garlic flavoring (the essential oil from garlic.)

Our Almond Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Baking Blend and our Walnut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Keto Blend are both co-packed in a nearby facility here in Northern California, not at our California Olive Ranch facilities.  However, we want to be transparent for those sensitive to tree nut allergies, per FDA Guidelines, so we do reference this on our labels. Our co-packers follow strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) addressing any potential allergen cross-contamination.  

Yes, the smoke point of good olive oil is high enough to fry food. Please try it for a healthy alternative.

Sorry, we do not offer tours of our facilities or ranches at this time.


Our olive oils have a harvest date and “Best if Used By” date printed on the back label in a green box. The harvest date refers to when the oil was picked and pressed. In the US & Europe, this happens once a year from October-December. In South America this happens once a year in April-June. The best by date is 2 years from the date we bottled it. Up until bottling our EVOO is stored in stainless steel tanks that preserve the quality of the oil. Once opened, we recommend using up your oil within 6 months.

Store your oil away from light and heat and use your olive oil within 30-60 days of opening the bottle. All California Olive Ranch oils are bottled in dark protective colored bottles to prevent exposure to light.

Sometimes in shipping, the oil is exposed to extreme cold, which clouds the oil. This is normal and will not impact the taste of the oil. If you notice “clouds” in the bottom of your bottle, you are seeing small particles of the olive that have not been not removed during the milling process. This naturally occurs in fresh, high quality olive oil.

Purchasing Olive Oil

We craft all of our oils to have great taste and the highest quality. We also craft different flavor intensities that are great for any dish and depend on your preference. Try searching by intensity or use to determine which olive oil is right for you.  

Please see our shipping and return policy at

At this time we do not accept orders over the phone.

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