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Olive Ranch

A South Texas Secret Sparks An Idea…

When you head southwest from San Antonio there are some notable changes in the scenery. It’s a little drier, a little rockier, and a lot less crowded. That doesn’t mean it lacks beauty; South Texas is a special place with its own unique charm.

That charm is exactly what attracted Jim Henry to this area. He noticed that the arid climate an sandy loam-type soil was quite similar to that of southern Spain where Arbequina olive trees flourish—and that’s how the idea began.

What we are…

The Texas Olive Ranch is located just outside of Carrizo Springs. Amongst the sprawling acres, 40,000 Arbequina, arbosana, and koroneiki olive trees flourish. The fruits sprout green and mature into a dark purple hue.  The Henry family appreciates the flavor profiles at all stages. In fact, they press a mixture of the olives at various stages of ripening to create a buttery yet earthy flavor with just a hint of a peppery feeling in the back of the throat.

What we believe…

Texas Olive Ranch is committed to sustainability and preserving the wonderful landscape of South Texas. The tree trimmings are processed into mulch. The leftover olive mash is fed to the ranch animals, which in turn naturally fertilize the orchard. Texas Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil is GMO-free, gluten free, and the family is currently in the process of becoming certified organic.

A New Texas Tradition

The Henry family still grows, picks, presses, and bottles their extra virgin olive oil themselves. Their commitment to producing the most authentic olive oil in Texas can be found in every bottle of Texas Olive Ranch oil.

Truly a family run business, the Henrys welcome visitors year round to check out the ranch, the olives, and maybe have a sample or two of their various delicious oils. So if you’re ever around Carrizo Springs, feel free to stop by… we’d love to see y’all!

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