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Holiday Gift Sets That They’ll Love

You can share the joy of Texas flavor this holiday season. At Texas Olive Ranch, giving gifts is just as exciting as receiving gifts. Picking out that special gift you know they’ll love is so rewarding for us. With this

5 Christmas Recipes Made Great with Texas Olive Ranch

For all the joy that Christmas brings, stress is returned three times over. Beyond social obligations, gift shopping, and dealing with winter weather, you probably have a dinner or two to plan for. Whether you’re showing up with a side

5 Thanksgiving Side Dishes Featuring Texas Olive Ranch

Thanksgiving is not a “healthy” holiday by and stretch of the imagination, but you can still find ways to incorporate healthy ingredients and dishes into your spread amongst the marshmallow-laden sweet potato pie. The secret? Flavorful and anti-oxidant rich Texas

5 Great Appetizers That Texas Olive Ranch Enhances

Wow yourself and your guests with these simple yet elegant (not to mention delicious!) appetizer recipes. Each one is inspired by Mediterranean cooking but with a Texas twist. We’ve paired what we consider the perfect selections of our cold pressed

So what exactly does “cold pressed” extra virgin olive oil mean?

In a world where marketing honchos throw superlatives around like candy at a Homecoming Parade, it may seem like “cold pressed” is just another useless phrase thrown in to try and trick you into thinking our olive oil is special…

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: What Exactly Is This New Texas Gold?

When we call olive oil “extra virgin,” it refers to the quality of olive oil and the free fatty acid content in the EVOO.  If olive oil is labeled “extra virgin,” the free fatty acid content must be less than

How to enjoy your extra virgin olive oil—Texas style!

Visit countries like Spain and Italy and you’ll notice something on the tabletops of restaurants and homes—extra virgin olive oil. EVOO is considered a part of the every day diet in Mediterranean countries and for good reason. Not only is