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Made in Texas: Local Artisans Bringing Delicious Food To Your Table

The Lone Star State boasts some of the country’s best culture, activities, universities and sports teams. However, what truly makes Texas stand out are the small businesses that bring innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to life. We’ve rounded up some of the most unique and delicious  Texas food producers that are serving up home-grown goodness.  From […]

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5 Olive Oil Cocktails to Keep You Refreshed This Summer

Whether you’re impressing guests during a summer soirée or cooling off on a hot day, a great cocktail is sure to accomplish both. While everyone is fond of the classics—a whiskey neat can do no wrong—tapping into your inner mixologist is fun and far more adventurous. Don’t fret, experimenting can be easy. An underutilized cocktail […]

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Fresh Summer Recipes from Texas Olive Ranch

Summer is the time of season with longer days, no school, less work, and more hours to do the things you love to do. That includes making flavorful summertime dishes using fresh produce and your favorite Texas Olive Ranch products. The secret behind our favorite seasonal dishes is the right balance of flavors. Our favorite […]

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4 Reasons Why Texas Olive Ranch Loves July 4th

Fireworks, family, and fun are most commonly associated with July Fourth. However, it’s most importantly the day we celebrate the birth of our nation. The U.S. has evolved from humble roots into a powerhouse of a country, built from the ground up with tenacity, pride, and love for a land that symbolizes independence. Texas Olive […]

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Red, White, and BBQ with Texas Olive Ranch

No one does BBQ quite like Texas but this July 4th, meat is going to have to share the spotlight with these patriotic sides. Join Texas Olive Ranch in celebrating the birth of our nation with bold flavors and an adventurous spirit― both figuratively and literally.  Blueberry Caprese Salad with Red Balsamic Vinegar  Ingredients: 12 […]

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The Truth in an Olive Oil Market of Deception

Food fraud may sound like a crime only committed by fictitious characters like the Hamburglar, but in actuality, it’s a serious issue in the United States. The term refers to manufacturers misleading consumers by selling them a sub-par product for greater profits. Ingredients such as milk, honey, and saffron are often fraudulently sold, but one […]

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Sweet Summer Inspired Recipes From Texas Olive Ranch

The summer solstice has arrived. Summer has officially begun! Endless summer days and nights here we go. Make this summer even sweeter with these recipes inspired by our favorite season for relaxation. Basil and Peach Salad with Blackberry Vinaigrette Get a double-dose of summer fruit goodness with this delicious and refreshing salad. This is a great […]

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Easy and Delicious Vegetables with Texas Olive Ranch and Your Oven

These days with microwaves in almost every household and the latest as seen on TV gadgets continuing to come out, many forget about the simple magic of your oven. In many homes, the oven only gets used on holidays and special occasions. We want to change that and bring the oven back. Your oven can be a […]

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Memorial Day Party Recipes Inspired by Texas

Add deep-hearted flavor to your Memorial Day weekend with bold dishes inspired by Texas. Each recipe incorporates the many flavors of Texas. These dishes will be the hit of any weekend party. Serve with a cold beer for the adults and your favorite agua fresca for the kids. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy. Happy […]

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Celebrate Memorial Day with Texas Olive Ranch

Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer so it’s no wonder people love it. Just the mention of Memorial Day elicits all kinds of great memories– block parties, splashing around in the pool, and (of course) the great summer food! Whether you’re planning on party hopping in the neighborhood or just want to relax […]

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Getting To Know Your Olive Oil: Variety Of Olives At Texas Olive Ranch

We Grow A Variety of Olive Trees From the Mediterranean in Texas At Texas Olive Ranch in Carrizo Springs, TX, we cultivate a variety of olive trees originating from our founder’s travels across the Mediterranean. Jim Henry, our founder, spent years almost 20 years studying olive tree farms in the Mediterranean, in countries such as […]

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