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Olive Oil 101

What is Single Source Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

What is Single-Source Olive Oil?

Single source olive oils are produced from olives at one single farm or source of origin. This means you don’t have a mix of olives from who knows where. There’s full transparency on where they came from and you know the source without question. Being able to know the source is import to finding high-quality olive.  Single source extra virgin olive oils cut out middlemen who may reduce the pureness by adulterating it. Single-source olive oils showcase the unique flavors of the olive varieties grown from one source and offer a level of comfort when purchasing high-quality olive oils. So how can you tell if you are purchasing a single source product?

A recent article in Bon Appetite, notes that oils must be labeled with their source, but many times you will need to read the fine print. An oil that calls itself a “Product of Italy” or “Bottled in Italy” can still come from elsewhere—and most likely does. On the back label, you can often find the initials of the true country of origin: IT for Italy, TN for Tunisia, PT for Portugal, GR for Greece, etc. The articles states that the best oils will note a single origin. But how do these lower quality mystery blends even get on the market?

How Some Olive Oil Producers Mislead You

Many farmers and olive oil companies are utilizing many different sources of olives; then combining them into different olive oils that could be from a mix of sources, origins, and dates. For example, if you mix a 2-year and 6-year old product together, you are mixing a good olive oil with a subpar product to hide impurities. This can be very misleading to consumers; and very hard to determine what type of product you are getting. But, when you buy a single-source olive oil, you are getting more transparency and even better; a fresh, high-quality product. This is why it’s important to read your bottle descriptions and purchases from a trusted supplier.

Single-Source Only at Texas Olive Ranch

At Texas Olive Ranch, we offer exceptional single-sourced extra virgin olive oil varieties. From growing olives to bottling the final olive oil product, it’s all done under our care. We use absolutely no chemicals or heat during our entire process. We also only use the first pressing for the highest quality, and never adulterate it. All of this is done to ensure the finest quality. This approach doesn’t lead to the highest profit margins but, it does result in a single source extra virgin olive oil with the highest quality and purity.

Currently, at our South Texas Ranch, we use several varieties for our productions, including Arbequina, Koroneiki, and Picual; to name a few. Each variety has its own character and special complexity. Olives are incredibly diverse and equally versatile; the sour, salty, earthy, bitter yet sweet and pungent flavors are what makes them sophisticated and capable of producing different varieties of extra virgin oil. 

We invite you to learn more about the different varieties grown at Texas Olive Ranch, including their history and origin. Ultimately, when we press our Texas grown olives, we only do it with pride and care. We want everyone to fully taste the deliciousness and wonderfulness that Texas single varietal extra virgin olive oil has to offer.