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Olive Oil 101

Declare Your Independence from Foreign Olive Oil

We Honor Texas Independence Day

Texas Independence Day is a great time to honor our state’s unique legacy and singular spirit. At Texas Olive Ranch, our love of Texas runs deep and strong. We were founded on the Texas spirit of independence, grit, and resilience.

This quote from historian Jack C. Butterfield sums up the incredible Texan resolve we honor at Texas Olive Ranch:

“The miracle of Texas lies in the fact that it is the work of a handful of men. In not a single fight during the entire period from 1800 to 1845 did they muster as many as one thousand fighting men. Overwhelming odds never discouraged them and defeat but spurred them to ultimate victory.”

Our Founder Embodied The Texas Spirit

Overwhelming odds never discouraged our founder, Jim Henry, when others doubted that growing olive trees in Texas was possible. In true Texan fashion, he followed his passion, and full of faith and determination, he went his own way.

Today, Texas Olive Ranch is the largest producer of extra virgin olive oil in all of Texas and the Southern United States.

Not only is everything bigger in Texas, but everyone knows you don’t mess with Texas. Texans also don’t mess with olive oil, which means we do it right. When you buy Texas Olive Ranch, you know exactly where your olive oil comes from and how we make it. When you buy non-local, you actually know very little about what’s in the bottle.

A Better Olive Oil Right In Your Backyard

A lot of the olive oil imported from Europe is not actually “extra virgin,” even if it’s labeled so. Because of a lack of clear and direct regulations for olive oil producers from the FDA, manufacturers often try to pass substandard olive oil off as “extra virgin,” when it is actually diluted with cheaper vegetable oils, lower quality olive oil, or made using old, rancid leftovers.

At Texas Olive Ranch, we only press our olives once and press them “cold” to retain as much of the olive’s natural antioxidants as possible. Our olive oils test far above industry standards in regard to oleic acid content and freshness.

What better way to embrace the Texas spirit as your celebrate Texas Independence than by reducing your dependence on foreign olive oil? All of our 100% Texas-grown Extra Virgin Olive Oils are 15% in honor of the holiday. Enter code CELEBRATETX at checkout.