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Knock Out Your Holiday Shopping List With Our Texas Gift Sets

Do the people on your holiday shopping list have a wide variety of tastes and interests? Are you not looking forward to having to traipse to endless different stores in order to find something for everyone?

At Texas Olive Ranch, you can build your own gift sets to get your loved ones exactly what they’ll love. Countless combinations mean you can craft a creative gift tailored specifically for each person, and knock out your entire shopping list at once: family, friends, coworkers, the super, your kids’ teachers… you can’t go wrong with a tasteful (and tasty!) gift from Texas Olive Ranch.

Start shopping right now, or read on to learn more about each one of our gift sets. Don’t forget to add a message to your gift’s card!

For Secret Santa or the Office Gift Swap

3-Pack Gift Set Sampler – Choose (3) 100ml Bottles – $26

If your group of friends or office set a budget but you still want to get something truly special, our 3-Pack Gift Set Sampler is how you win Secret Santa. You can choose 3 100ml bottles of our cold pressed extra virgin olive oil or flavorful balsamic vinegars for under $30. Rest easy if you don’t know exactly who you’re shopping for, or if you’re not sure if they have dietary restrictions – our family grown, non-GMO products fit pretty much any dietary restrictions. This Sampler is also perfect for people who may be curious to step into foodie territory, but don’t quite have their foot in the door. Think of it like a palette opener. Plus, the bottles are super cute!

For The Friend Who Knows A Little About A Lot

6-Pack Gift Set Sampler – Choose (6) 100ml Bottles – $45

Twice the cuteness, twice the adventure. 6-Pack Gift Set Sampler is for dilettantes, the ever curious, and those who never settle. Mathematically speaking, you could go 720 different ways with this gift. If they love to try the specials wherever they go out to eat, if they’d rather share a bunch of plates instead of ordering an entree, or they always opt for the flight of beer at the brewery, this is the gift for them. You can mix and match from our wide variety of extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars and present your loved one with a trip for their taste buds. We bet they’ll look up the details of each flavor.

For The Family Member Who Loves Classics

2-Pack Bottle Gift Set – Choose (2) 250ml Bottles – $31

We all know someone who likes to stay in and watch Casablanca, loves The Catcher in The Rye, and has a hot rod they maintain. For the person who loves time-tried classics, you need a gift that goes together like baseball and hot dogs. Pair their personality with the best coupling Texas Olive Ranch has to offer. If they like their food spicy and their desserts sweet, try the “Rattlesnake” Olive Oil paired with the “Figalicious” Fig Infused Balsamic Vinegar for a classic sweet and sour combo. And for the most classic of classic pairings: the Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Red Balsamic Vinegar combo.

For the Classiest Person You Know

Texas Limited Reserve Olive Oil Set – (4) Select 500ml Bottles – Koroneiki, Picual, Arbosana, Muy Bueno – $100

Okay, so you’ve crossed the Classics Lover off the list. What about the classiest person on your list? The one that’s always dressed to a T in the latest trends, and who’s seen all the latest movies. Their taste may not be traditional, but it sure is fine. (Ahem, are they a Taurus?) Whether they’re an olive oil connoisseur or just prefer the finest things in life, the Texas Limited Reserve Olive Oil Set  is the perfect choice. They’ll probably post a pic on Instagram.

For the World Traveling Foodie

Texas Olive Ranch Regional Herb and Spice Blends – 3-Pack Set $21

For the people who’ve been everywhere, either literally, or figuratively through their cooking. Our regional herb and spice blends transport you to the best culinary regions in the world. Do you have a friend who always takes pictures of their food when you go out to eat? Someone you call with recipe questions? Our herb and spice blends are the perfect gift for people who love to cook, but also want to be efficient. We source these premium spices locally when we can to make a Texas Blend, a Mediterranean Blend, and an Italian Blend. Give the gift of an easier weeknight meal, and also an elevated weekend feast.

For the Sassy Snacker

Texas Olive Ranch Stuffed Olives Gift Set – 4 Jar Set $25

Do you know someone who’s always snacking? Whether they could live off appetizers and never order a full meal or they’re always in charge of bringing the snacks for the road trip – we’ve got their gift covered. Plus, if this person’s personality packs a punch, we’ve got the snack to match them. We’re excited to introduce our new Texas Olive Ranch Stuffed Olives. Hand-stuffed full of premium ingredients, our gift set of all four types (Garlic Stuffed Olives, Jalapeño Stuffed Olives, twice-stuffed Garlic & Jalapeño Stuffed Olives, and Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives) will satisfy both the health-conscious snackers and those who like their small bites full of flavor – they only taste indulgent.

For the Martini Lover

Texas Olive Ranch Dirty Martini Mix – $6

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a set, but it is the perfect companion to the Texas Olive Ranch Stuffed Olives Set. For your friend who always orders a martini – we’ve concocted a Dirty Martini Mix with the perfect balance of brine so they can make the ultimate dirty martini every time in their own home. Bring the happy hour to your loved one’s house! Don’t forget the Stuffed Olives.

Ready to Knock Out Your Holiday Shopping List?

Whether you want to please foodies who already love cooking, or inspire a loved one who may not yet know the magic of Texas Olive Ranch, or want to delight anyone who has a passion for everything Texas, a Texas Olive Ranch Gift Set is a convenient and elegant solution. We’re offering 10% Off All Gift Sets – just enter code TEXASGIFT at checkout!