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Holiday Gift Sets That They’ll Love

You can share the joy of Texas flavor this holiday season. At Texas Olive Ranch, giving gifts is just as exciting as receiving gifts. Picking out that special gift you know they’ll love is so rewarding for us. With this in mind, we’ve created gift sets that can be personalized to dazzle any palate.



For the man or woman who has everything…

Texas Olive Ranch Limited Reserve Gift Set – Koroneiki, Picual, Muy Bueno & Texas Boom

When you’re faced with the conundrum of picking out a gift for someone who buys what they want, when they want it, it’s best to go for things to be consumed. Forget bottles of booze—be modern and approach your gift choice with health in mind. That doesn’t mean your choice can’t be impeccably curated. Crafting these four limited reserves was our way to spread our love of fine olive oils and educate Texas on the depth of flavors and varieties available. Our Koroneiki limited reserve features a brilliant aroma with notes of fruit and herbs. Never too sweet, it finishes on a strong, peppery note. Our Picual olive oil is fresh, robust, and delicious poured over vanilla ice cream. Our Muy Bueno blend is our nod to the variety of unique olives we grow here in Texas, and how together they can create something wonderful. And finally, our Texas Boom blend combines Arbequina, Arbosana, and Koroneiki olives for a buttery, fruity oil that is bursting with flavor.

And if the $98 price tag (for fine, artisan olive oils handcrafted locally) is a bit heavy for you… we’re willing to sweeten the pot. And this time, it’s personal. You can get your own bottle of our Limited Reserve sent to your home with a purchase of a set. We’ll even ship it separately (for a nominal $9.95 shipping fee) so if the receiver is long distance, they can be none the wiser.


For the office gift swap…

Build Your Own 3 Pack Gift Set Sampler – Choose (3) 100ml Bottles

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So the office is having a gift swap… and you have to pick out something anyone would like, most people will love, and still fit the under $30 budget. Our solution: choose 3 100ml bottles of our cold pressed extra virgin olive oil or flavorful balsamic vinegars for a unique option at the White Elephant. Our products homegrown, non-GMO, and fit into just about any special diet anyone may have. Super versatile and packed full of flavor, any selection you make is a good one.


For the one who takes things personally…

Build Your Own 2-Pack Gift Set – Choose (2) 250ml Bottles

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You know that person: when it comes to gift exchanges, they do not just consider a generic choice boring, they find it downright rude. Avoid the awkwardness with minimal effort by choosing a duo of our olive oils/vinegars that will appeal to them personally. Are they a “firecracker?” A bottle of our Rattlesnake Cracked Pepper & Chipotle Chili Olive Oil paired with our “Figalicious” Fig Infused Balsamic Vinegar creates a dipping sauce or salad dressing that explodes with flavor. Do their tastes lean more towards the classics? You can’t go wrong with our Texas Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Red Balsamic Vinegar. Get creative, have fun; they will appreciate the effort!


For the adventurer in your life…

Build Your Own 6 Pack Gift Set Sampler – Choose (6) 100ml Bottles

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Your niece who travels the world… your friend who loves mountain climbing… for the loved ones in your life you want to try it all, let them! You can with our 6 Pack Gift Set Sampler that allows you to give them a little bit of everything—but trust us, it’s all the best. You don’t just get to choose from our artisan olive oil selection. We also have a limited selection of our delectable vinegars so they can stretch their culinary muscles and take taste buds to new heights. Go ahead and pick with your gut… there are no bad choices, just exciting opportunities.

Shop our entire selection of flavored olive oils and vinegars as a gift to yourself this year. After all, you deserve it.