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4 Reasons Why Texas Olive Ranch Loves July 4th

Fireworks, family, and fun are most commonly associated with July Fourth. However, it’s most importantly the day we celebrate the birth of our nation. The U.S. has evolved from humble roots into a powerhouse of a country, built from the ground up with tenacity, pride, and love for a land that symbolizes independence.

Texas Olive Ranch was created with these same independent and prosperous values. Starting with just a simple belief in American soil one of America’s largest Olive Oil producers was born. It didn’t happen overnight, but after years of dedication and commitment to our values, the Texas Olive Ranch you know today blossomed.

The spirit of independence is something we hold dear, with that in mind we’ve decided to share our 4 favorite things about America’s 241st birthday.


What’s not to love about food? It brings people together, nourishes the body and can be incredibly gratifying to make. Choosing the best kind of food is no easy feat but we may lean towards something Texas knows all about: meat. Grilling it, smoking it, frying it. Texas does it all and does it well. With the help of Texas olive oils and vinegars crafted with care in its own backyard, of course.

The American Dream

With a work ethic that puts every other country to shame, it’s no surprise that the ambitious pursuit of doing what you love is still alive and well. The American Dream inspired a man with a Texas-sized goal to grow the country’s best extra virgin olive oil.


The amount of “free” things in this country is astounding. Freedom of speech? Check. Freedom of religion? Check. High-quality olive oil free of impure additives? Check. And this is without mentioning Texas, where we take freedom up a few notches. Which brings us to our final point.


Affiliations aside, Texans love Texas. They show this love through a strong sense of pride, an incredible knack for barbecue and support of local products, like Texas Olive Oils,  and the many other awesome products made in Texas and America throughout. Breath-taking nature and friendly citizens round out why The Lone Star state is the best place to live and grow up in.

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