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So what exactly does “cold pressed” extra virgin olive oil mean?

In a world where marketing honchos throw superlatives around like candy at a Homecoming Parade, it may seem like “cold pressed” is just another useless phrase thrown in to try and trick you into thinking our olive oil is special… but at Texas Olive Ranch we’d never stoop to such levels. We simply don’t have to.

“Cold pressed” means we don’t use scalding water or harsh chemicals to extract our oil from the olives.  We use a water temperature that matches the exact temperature of the paste while in the malaxer—the stage in the pressing process where the olive paste is churning at low speed in the machine in order to move the later stages of separating the olive oil from the water and paste. This mechanical and manual method is the tried and true process for creating the highest quality Texas extra virgin olive oil, and it’s the only method we use at Texas Olive Ranch.

Why do we put so much work and care into making our EVOO? Not only is it the most hygienic way to extract oil, but also the quality of olive oil production directly correlates to the overall quality of the oil itself. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil has a richer, buttery taste and the specific notes from the various types of olives are more prevalent to the palate. You will also notice more of a tingling sensation at the back of the throat—a good sign that this oil has a high concentration of polyphenols.

While there are tons of healthy antioxidants in olive oil, polyphenols are often singled out as the star of the show when it comes to cold pressed EVOO. Polyphenols fight oxidation in the body, which helps prevent aging-related ailments including heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even certain types of deadly cancer.

Finally, by using this chemical-free method of extracting olive oil, we are able to keep in line with our commitment to sustainability. When we feed our leftover olive mash to our beloved ranch animals, we don’t have to fear what kind of side effects those chemicals may have. Cold-pressing extra virgin olive oil is also necessary for becoming certified organic, which we’re in the process of doing currently.

So what exactly does “cold pressed” extra virgin olive oil mean? Cold pressed means the highest quality, best tasting, healthiest olive oil on the planet… and that’s exactly what we bring you from the heart of the Texas Olive Ranch.

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