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Chefs Love Texas Olive Ranch

At Texas Olive Ranch, we love food. That’s why we carefully grow the best olives we possibly can, to make extra virgin olive oil that’s delicious on its own but also brings out and complements the flavor of beautiful food. You could say we’re foodies. Which means that we highly admire and keep up with the chefs in Texas.

It’s a great honor when chefs choose to cook with our extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars. We’re big believers in knowing the story behind your food, which ultimately is the story of people. So this month, we’re sharing the stories of some of our favorite chefs, who we’re thrilled love Texas Olive Ranch as much as we love them.

Whether you’re wondering where to get your Texas Olive Ranch fix while dining out, or want to learn what chefs have to say about the olive oil in your pantry, read on to learn about these inspiring chefs.

James Robert – Chef/Owner of Fixe

Uses Texas Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil to cook up modern takes on Southern classics.

Chef James Robert’s Story:

Hailing from a big family in Louisiana, Chef James Robert spent his childhood cooking in the kitchen with his mother and grandmother. In honor of his Southern heritage and Cajun roots, he struck out on his own with Fixe, a “Sunday Supper” restaurant serving up polished family dinners. Chef Robert is not only dedicated to making sure his family’s recipes live on, but also sourcing high-quality local ingredients.

Before opening Fixe, Chef Robert served as Executive Chef at Eddie V’s in Austin, eventually becoming the Corporate Executive Chef for the restaurant group. He was named one of the “most innovative chefs in Austin” by Huffington Post in 2017 and Fixe was named one of OpenTable’s Top 100 restaurants in the entire country. Chef Robert and his team just opened up a second location in Fort Worth. Head to Fixe for refined versions of homegrown Louisiana dishes like heirloom grits, biscuits and boudin.

What He Loves About Texas Olive Ranch:

“Using the best possible ingredients is one of our core tenets at Fixe and, when it comes to olive oil, Texas Olive Ranch does not disappoint. As I plan and prepare a menu that is seasonal and inspired by the best tastes of the south, I also put a high value on sourcing products from local purveyors whenever possible. I was excited to come across such a high quality, family-owned product as Jim Henry’s cold-pressed extra virgin.”

Jack Gilmore – Chef/Owner of Jack Allens Kitchen

A longtime fan of Texas Olive Ranch uses our olive oil and vinegars both at work and at home.

Chef Jack Gilmore’s Story:

Jack Gilmore is an institution in the Austin food scene. He worked as executive chef at beloved Z’Tejas for 20 years, before opening his own restaurant where he could focus on sustainable, seasonal driven food. Gilmore now has four Jack Allens Kitchens in the Austin area, where he cooks up Southern comfort food with Southwestern spice, and, most importantly, highlights product from local farms. In fact, 80 percent of product at Jack Allens Kitchen comes from local farms.

What He Loves About Texas Olive Ranch:

“I’m very particular about where my olive oil comes from. A lot of the stuff sold at the store is already rancid when it hits the shelf. Once you taste a fresh, well-made olive oil, you’ll never go back. In Texas, the folks at Texas Olive Ranch are doing a great job making a Texas-grown product. They grow their olives down in Carrizo Springs and bring them up to the Buda area to press and bottle them. I’ve seen their production process, and they are really serious about what they do. And it shows in the final product.  I like to use their olive oil for dressings or to finish a dish, I like the olive oil to shine through with the rest of the ingredients. I love working with the Henry family. Don’t forget about the Vinegars. I use their products in many of the Jack Allen’s Kitchen dishes such as the Pickled Shrimp and Egg Salad and the Heirloom Caprese Salad as well and in my at home cooking.”

Bryce Gilmore – Chef/Owner of Barley Swine, Odd Duck, Sour Duck

Four-time James Beard award finalist uses Texas Ranch Olive Oil in all of his restaurants.

Chef Bryce Gilmore’s Story:

Chef Bryce Gilmore has become one of the most well known and loved chefs in Austin. He learned early from his dad (Chef Jack Gilmore!), starting out bussing tables at Z’Tejas when he was 14, and soon realized his passion for food and that he, too wanted to become a chef. After culinary school in California, he returned to Austin and worked at the legendary Wink. He started out on his own with the Odd Duck Farm to Trailer food cart in 2009, and has since then opened a brick-and-mortar Odd Duck, famed Barley Swine, and most recently, Sour Duck Market. All of Chef Bryce Gilmore’s restaurants are committed to supporting local farmers and ranchers.

What He Loves About Texas Olive Ranch

“We are so fortunate to have access to this delicious oil here in Texas! It’s become a staple ingredient in our kitchen over the last 6 years. I love the rich, fruity, spicy element it brings to finishing dishes.”

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