First Cold Pressed – What Does It Mean?

The Fallacy of “First Cold Pressed” Many olive oil brands put “first pressed” and/or “cold pressed” on their labels– but what exactly do those terms mean? Unfortunately, some companies add words like these on their labels as empty buzzwords only

Made in Texas: Local Artisans Bringing Delicious Food To Your Table

The Lone Star State boasts some of the country’s best culture, activities, universities and sports teams. However, what truly makes Texas stand out are the small businesses that bring innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to life. We’ve rounded up some of
flavored olive oil

What Is Flavor and How Comes To Life in Infused Olive Oils?

The Beauty of Flavor In poetic terms, we can say that flavor is a lot of things. Flavor is the soul of food. It is what separates sustenance from a dish of substance. Flavor is the melody of a meal; it’s

4 Reasons Why Texas Olive Ranch Loves July 4th

Fireworks, family, and fun are most commonly associated with July Fourth. However, it’s most importantly the day we celebrate the birth of our nation. The U.S. has evolved from humble roots into a powerhouse of a country, built from the

The Truth in an Olive Oil Market of Deception

Food fraud may sound like a crime only committed by fictitious characters like the Hamburglar, but in actuality, it’s a serious issue in the United States. The term refers to manufacturers misleading consumers by selling them a sub-par product for

Getting To Know Your Olive Oil: Variety Of Olives At Texas Olive Ranch

We Grow A Variety of Olive Trees From the Mediterranean in Texas At Texas Olive Ranch in Carrizo Springs, TX, we cultivate a variety of olive trees originating from our founder’s travels across the Mediterranean. Jim Henry, our founder, spent

So what exactly does “cold pressed” extra virgin olive oil mean?

In a world where marketing honchos throw superlatives around like candy at a Homecoming Parade, it may seem like “cold pressed” is just another useless phrase thrown in to try and trick you into thinking our olive oil is special…

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: What Exactly Is This New Texas Gold?

When we call olive oil “extra virgin,” it refers to the quality of olive oil and the free fatty acid content in the EVOO.  If olive oil is labeled “extra virgin,” the free fatty acid content must be less than

How to enjoy your extra virgin olive oil—Texas style!

Visit countries like Spain and Italy and you’ll notice something on the tabletops of restaurants and homes—extra virgin olive oil. EVOO is considered a part of the every day diet in Mediterranean countries and for good reason. Not only is