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Chefs & Food

Our Favorite Texas Restaurants to Order Takeout From Right Now

What makes Texas great is our pride. That translates into loving our land, loving our people, and loving our products. It means living as locally as possible and supporting small businesses that are Texas born and bred.    There’s never been a more important time to support our Texan community spirit. Some of the hardest […]

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A Revolutionary Way to Eat: A Guide to Eating Local in Texas

It’s no surprise that the “eat local” movement has taken hold in Texas. Eating local is about having pride in your home, believing in self-reliance, and supporting the local economy – so it’s natural that Texas has become a haven for people looking to not only know where their food comes from but also to […]

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Texas Chefs Using Texas Olive Ranch Olive Oil

Like all Texans, we take great pride in our roots. That’s why we make a 100% Texan product that packs a punch (flavor is bigger here, too). We’re lucky to be part of a community where people care about where their food comes from. In our opinion, that’s the best part about the Texas food […]

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How to Replace Unhealthy Fats with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Many professional and home chefs swear by their old-fashioned, butter-laden recipes. But tradition isn’t worth sacrificing your health, especially when you can replace unhealthy fats like butter and highly-processed canola and vegetable oils. Replacing with olive oil is actually quite easy and tasty too if you know how to. Why Say Goodbye? First things first […]

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Chefs Love Texas Olive Ranch

At Texas Olive Ranch, we love food. That’s why we carefully grow the best olives we possibly can, to make extra virgin olive oil that’s delicious on its own but also brings out and complements the flavor of beautiful food. You could say we’re foodies. Which means that we highly admire and keep up with […]

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Made in Texas: Local Artisans Bringing Delicious Food To Your Table

The Lone Star State boasts some of the country’s best culture, activities, universities and sports teams. However, what truly makes Texas stand out are the small businesses that bring innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to life. We’ve rounded up some of the most unique and delicious  Texas food producers that are serving up home-grown goodness.  From […]

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