The Coziest Cocktail & Mocktail Recipes for Winter Campfires & Curling Up On V-Day

The Coziest Cocktail & Mocktail Recipes for Winter Campfires & Curling Up On V-Day

Blueberry Jam n' Lemon Olive Oil Cocktail

We’re breaking out the mezcal with Chef & Baker Jess Castañeda today and getting cozy with her Blueberry Jam n’ Lemon Olive Oil Cocktail recipe! We just love that this fierce female chef turned baker is bringing her skills to every type of taste, including something we can sip on all day during this snowy weather.

The Recipe:

  • — 2oz Mezcal (we love us some @bozalmezcal)
  • — 1 oz fresh squeezed Lime Juce
  • — 1/2 oz fresh squeezed Orange Juice
  • — 1 Spoonful (a teaspoon or so) of Blueberry Jam
  • — 1 Egg White
  • — Pour all your ingredients into a shaker; move, groove and shimmy with the shaker until frothy.
  • — Add ice and splash of our Lemon Olive Oil; shake well again and strain into a cocktail glass or coffee mug. Sip until you’re warmed up!


Sassy Sotol-Champagne Spritzers

A hint of sweet meets spicy, bright and earthy. A cacophony of flavor fits together perfectly for this sassy spritzer, inspired by our Trebbiano-Grape Balsamic Vinegar and Texas' iconic spice and citrus harvests.

The Recipe:

  • — 1 Tsp Jalapeño Lime Balsamic
  • — 1oz of your favorite Sotol (we love La Higuera)
  • — 1oz of Soda Water
  • — 2oz of Champagne
  • — Slices of Fresh Jalapeños
  • — Shake Fresh Jalapeños, Balsamic Vinegar & Your Preferred Liquor together. Pour into a glass & add Champagne & Soda Water. Top with flowers for garnish.


Winter Citrus & Cacti Mocktail

From health-loving to sober-living, mocktails are great for everyone in every occasion. Enjoy our favorite Texas Winter Mocktail we've ever made, a bright spice and earthy combo inspired by the desert sun.

The Recipe:

— Juice: 1 Rio Grande Grapefruit; 1 Prickly Pear; 1 Lime

— Slice up half a jalapeño and toss into a shaker with the juice, and some ice.

— Add 1 Tbsp of our Grapefruit Balsamic Vinegar, to the shaker.

— Shake vigorously & strain into a glass of your choice, we enjoy a coffee mug if you're planning to curl up with this drink & a campfire.