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What is Single Source Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

What is Single-Source Olive Oil? Single source olive oils are produced from olives at one single farm or source of origin. This means you don’t have a mix of olives from who knows where. There’s full transparency on where they

5 Recipes You Can Make With Only 5 Ingredients

As the weather gets nicer, the last thing we want to do is get stuck inside making laborious meals. Thankfully, eating well doesn’t require a lot of fancy ingredients or complicated recipes. We put together a list of five super

Declare Your Independence from Foreign Olive Oil

We Honor Texas Independence Day Texas Independence Day is a great time to honor our state’s unique legacy and singular spirit. At Texas Olive Ranch, our love of Texas runs deep and strong. We were founded on the Texas spirit

How Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Help You Keep Your Resolutions

If you’re like the rest of the world, you probably made a resolution to eat healthier in 2019. Every New Year, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to change. Resolution mindset has a tendency to make us feel

Introducing New Stuffed Olives and Dirty Martini Mix!

Just in time for the holidays, we’re launching a new line of outstanding olive treats to make your festivities more delectable! Texas Olive Ranch is excited to introduce our new Dirty Martini Mix and Texas Olive Ranch Stuffed Olives! We

Knock Out Your Holiday Shopping List With Our Texas Gift Sets

Do the people on your holiday shopping list have a wide variety of tastes and interests? Are you not looking forward to having to traipse to endless different stores in order to find something for everyone? At Texas Olive Ranch,

Chefs Love Texas Olive Ranch

At Texas Olive Ranch, we love food. That’s why we carefully grow the best olives we possibly can, to make extra virgin olive oil that’s delicious on its own but also brings out and complements the flavor of beautiful food.

Simple Healthy & Delicious Recipe #1: Wild Salmon with Mustard Dill

Many people often think that making delicious, healthy and impressive food requires a highly skilled chef, twenty expensive ingredients, top of the line kitchenware, and an entire evening devoted to the kitchen. We’re here to tell you that none of

Which Balsamic Vinegar to Pair With Your Meal (and Bottle of Wine!)

There is an art to food pairings; part of the experience of going out to a nice restaurant is to let experts take the reign and guide you through the meal. But you don’t have to be a chef or

5 Recipes with Texas Olive Ranch Olive Oil Perfect for Summer

With summer in full swing, nothing sounds better than relaxing outdoors and enjoying the breeze after the sun has gone down, and sharing a light and refreshing meal with friends. Check out these 5 recipes written with summer in mind, featuring

Baseball, Hot dogs, Apple Pie and … Texas Ranch Olive Oil!

Independence Day is one of our favorite holidays at Texas Olive Ranch. We’re a family business and we honor our land, so the 4th of July is a good opportunity to remember where we came from and how far we’ve

Choosing the Right Olive Oil for Maximum Health Benefits

Summer in Texas means three things: high temperatures, outdoor grilling, and swimming. For many of us, it also means struggling to balance our love of BBQ with bathing suit season. If you’re looking for health tips this summer, we’ve got

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