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Harvesting the unique flavor of Texas Olive Ranch EVOO

Using a mix of mechanical and hand harvesting, we strive to pick a variety of about 25% green, 25% half green and light purple, and 50% dark purple olives to create our unique taste with a hint on pepper in the back. That little bit of sting is evidence of a high concentrate of polyphenols, an antioxidant in olives that help make it a nutritional powerhouse.

Once we complete our harvest in the first ten days of September, we immediately get the olives to the press. Waiting too long to get the olives to the press can ruin the batch, so there’s no time to waste!

At Texas Olive Ranch, we grow, harvest and press completely on site in order to produce the purest extra virgin olive oil available. With our homegrown operation, we take care of our various trees without the use of pesticides or any GMO practices.

A Cold Pressed, Unfiltered Process For The Purest Flavor

Our oil is cold pressed and unfiltered for the most intensely fresh extra virgin olive oil tastes. Once pressed, we keep our extra virgin olive oil in storage barrels that keep the taste fresher longer. We bottle according to order, so when you buy a bottle of Texas Olive Ranch oil, you’re buying a bottle made especially for you.

More than just good eatin’

In addition to its amazing flavor, Texas Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil contains several health benefits including antioxidants that help fight off disease such as cancer and healthy fats that can promote heart health, lower blood pressure, and decrease the risk of diabetes. Our olive oil is even pure enough to use on your skin—we’ve even partnered with Texas apothecary Olive + M to create a line of amazing skin care products.