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Making Texas Olive Oil


Olives grow on Arbequina trees at the ranch
Olives are harvested
Olives are sorted and washed
Olives are first-cold pressed and Olive Oil is created


Striving For Perfection: Harvesting The Unique Flavor Of Texas Olive Ranch Olive Oil

We believe in utilizing the perfect mix of mechanical and hand-picked harvesting. We strive to pick the perfect variety of olives and letting our customers reap the benefits. As a result, we pick 25% green, 25% half green and light purple and 50% dark purple olives. This careful combination results in a taste that has built Texas Olive Ranch to what it is today.

Once our harvest is complete, usually in early September, we immediately send our olives to the press, there is no time to waste! Taking to long to press the olives may result in ruining the whole batch. Our stringent process consistently ensures maximum flavor. These fundamental harvesting practices are engrained in our family’s DNA and won’t change as long as South Texas is still growing arbequina trees.

A Time Honored Process Resulting In Pure Delicious Olive Oil

Our oil is always cold pressed and unfiltered. This process, combined with our attention to detail, consistently results in the freshest olive oil you will find. Our process has led to our oil being used by restaurants and cooks that place an extra emphasis on quality. Just like us, they believe there are no shortcuts to doing things the right way, and that only the finest ingredients will do.

Once pressed, we keep our extra virgin olive oil in high quality barrels that ensure freshness and flavor are maintained.  Unlike some olive oil producers, we believe the words “extra virgin” are things to strive for, not just words you put on a bottle. As a result, we never add heat or chemicals and always use the first press.

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