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Hill Country Herb Garden – 250ml




  • Our First Cold-Pressed Arbequina
  • Infused with Texas Farmer’s Fresh: Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, Bay Leaf, Basil, and Fennel 
  • Non-GMO


Floral Herb, Lemon Herb, Sweet & Bitter Herb, Anise, Buttery, Peppery, Fruity


This mixture of Texas grown herbs offers a powerful and multifaceted flavor that makes it perfect as a dipping oil for breads, vegetables, chips, and even fruits. Adding it to a salad or a homemade dressing gives greens a boost of strong, rounded, fresh flavor. Also, let those herbs do their magic in an unrivaled marinade for chicken, beef, pork, and fish for robustly flavored proteins. We have a love affair with herbs here at Texas Olive Ranch, and this oil is one of our favorites to make.

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 4 × 11 cm

People Love Texas Flavored Olive Oil

Easily add great flavor to any dish! We've infused our classic Arbequina Olive Oil with natural Texas herbs and spices.